XTUNER T1 Upgrade for GMC & BENZ & IVECO

XTUNER T1  Upgrade information on Oct, 2018

1. GMC V12.0

Vehicle Time Version
GMC 20181008 V12.0

New System: GMC T7500 ( CAT Engine ), GMC T8500 ( CAT Engine ) version information, data stream, read fault code, clear fault code, action list.


2.BENZ  V12.31


1. New models: ACTROS MP II, ACTROS, ACTROS 2, 3, ATEGO, ATEGO II, AXOR, AXOR II, AXOR II (374-958), ATEGO HEAVY, ACTROS MP IV, Atron, ATEGO III, Arocs, Bus , ECONIC, LK, MK, SK, Unimogs, Vario 512, Zetros (949.016-949.167).


2. Coverage system: VDO FR-Drive control Automobile -Engine ECU, FM-Front module, HM-Rear Module, BS-Brake Control, FR-Drive control, GM-Basic Modules, GS II gear control, MR-Engine Control, INS-Dashboard, MSF-Switch Panel, TCO tachograph, PSM Parameterizable Special Module, TMB-PASSENGER door module, TMF-Driver door module, WS Maintenance System, ZDS Central data memory, ABA – Active brake assist, ART – Autonomous intelligent cruise control , INS-Instrument, DTCO-Digital tachograph, MTCO-Conversion Table, FLA – Flame starting system, HPS Hydraulic pneumatic shift, LWS – Steering wheel angle sensor, RDK – Tire pressure control, SPA Lane Assistant, BNT navigation or telephone operating unit, WSK torque converter clutch or TK turbo clutch, ZHE-Auxiliary heater, ABA-Active Brake Assist, GS-Gear control, EHZ electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering, FLA flame starting system, BTS battery disconnect switch, RDK tire pressure control, Steering wheel angle Sensor,Quick test,MR Engine control,FR Drive control,BS Brake control,ABA Activ e brake assist,ART Autonomous intelligent cruise control,INS Instrument,SRS Supplemental restraint system,DTCO Digital tachograph,MTCO Modular tachograph,EDW Anti-theft alarm,FM Front module,HM Rear Module,GM Basic Modules,HZR Heating control,KOM Communication Interface, MSF Switch Panel, RS Retarder control, BNT Navigation/telephone operating unit, TMB PASSENGER door module, TMF Driver door module, ABS Anti-lock braking system, FFB Radio remote control, NR Level control, ZV Contral locking system, GS gear Control,MTCO – Modular tachograph.All fuctions.


3.Added action test for ACTROS 2, 3, ACTROS, ATEGO II, ATEGO models


3. IVECO  V12.5

The new upgrade! Covered models: Daily, Eurocargo, stralis, Trakker, EuroTech, EuroStar, EuroTrakker, EuroFire, EuroMover, Seddon Atkinson, PowerDaily, PowerTech, LMV-VILM, MMV, VM90, RG12, MG410, Cursor, Cursor Extra-Europe (one-B0x) , Cursor Euro 4, Engine ECU, Multicar EOL, UAZ manufacturing, UAZ CS, Sa Vehicles, Engine ECU version information, data stream, read fault code, clear fault code


Let’s expect a better XTUNER, Please leave us comment if you have any concerns.

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