OBD2 Cable and Connector

OBD2 Cable and Connector
As the following list, EOBDTOOLS supply obd cables, obd adapters, obd interface, obd connectors, card, CD and more. The users usually buy them for mainly 2 purposes: one is when they lost or damaged the original ones; another one is to work with more car/truck models or add more features/functions.

Obd cables mainly include: obdi to obdii cable, scan tool’s main unit cable, testing cable, RS232 to RS458 cable, RS232 to lan cable, lan cable, USB cable and more.
OBD adapter mainly include: socket adapter, one car make adapter for some specific scan tool or programmer, and so on.
OBD interface mainly include: diagnostic interface and the interface connect car and mobile devices.
UOBDTOOLS also supply Nissan Consult card, tech 2 32mb card, TECH2 TIS2000 CD and USB KEY, PC/laptop for car diagnostic tool.

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