How to choose car diagnostic tool ?


Car diagnostic tool also called car repair scanner, it’s an automotive professional maintenance instrument that accurately monitors car faults and is extremely portable to take. We can use it to quickly know the fault in the car’s electronic control system, and the car’s fault information will be displayed on the LCD screen, so the fault location and cause of the car will be quickly identified. Car repair decoder is so easy to use, is a must-have artifact for car users or vehicle repairers.


There are many famous brand in diagnostic tool market. such as Launch, Autel, Xtool, Xhorse, OBDSTAR, FOXWELL which all with professional experiences, also there are new scanner brand but with good price like XTUNER and VPECKER.


then which car repair decoder is of good quality? How should users choose?


  1. Choose full OBDII EOBD diagnostic functions

As a important tool in maintenance, the car repair scanner has high requirements for functional soundness. For example, can you accurately read the vehicle fault code identification, whether you can clearly read the engine dynamic accurate data stream, and whether the oscilloscope function accuracy, component motion test function, matching settings and coding functions are all available. The basic functions of the above car repair decoder must be indispensable. Users can also learn about these basic functions by selecting which car repair scanners added new features.


     2. Choose to continuously update the replacement technology

In theory, the new design of the car repair decoder, its quality and safety will be better. Because manufacturers will continue to improve the technical performance requirements, most of the old technology application time should not be too long. When choosing a car repair decoder, the user should choose to continuously update the product to ensure the value of use, in order to have a car repair decoder synchronized with advanced technology.

Third, choose after-sales support services


  1. After-sales service can better reflect the additional value of a product

the after-sales service products can provide users with more protection. During the use or subsequent use of the user, it is inevitable that it will affect the use of the product in one way or another. Therefore, the after-sales guarantee of the product may be more in line with the user’s subsequent use requirements, and at the same time, it can also win a good reputation for the product.


In summary, when selecting the brand’s car diagnostic tool, the user must first select a functionally sound product. The function of the car repair scanner product is related to whether the user’s vital interests are realized or not. The user should fully consider whether the function is sound or not. Second, we must continue to update and replace the products, and constantly update to ensure the car maintenance decoder function progress and innovation; the third we should choose the after-sales support service blessing, for subsequent use to protect and escort.


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